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  • Job Duration: 9 Months
  • Client: Daktronics

The Mission

Removal of existing roof mounted scoreboard and video play back screen southern end of the stadium. Design and construct a curved 120m x 10m structure and install 1200m2 of video screen. Structure weight is approximately 140 tons and has 4 levels of access catwalks the full length of the structure. The screen is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and also one of the biggest in the world

Replace the northern existing LED 24m x 10m video play back screen with a new screen

Install pitch permitter and on field LED video screens

Install parapet LED video screens


Demolition of the 2 existing roof hanging video and scoreboard structures. As these were hanging from the roof and not supported from the ground the demolition was very complex as sections were needed to be cut and then lowered to the ground whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the rest of the hanging structure. All works were completed whilst the stadium was still operational

Physical scale of the screen/structure and the extremely tight and limited access for plant and equipment. As the screen sites under the roof of the stand it was extremely tight working with cranes to get the head room needed to rig and install structure sections. This was accounted for in our design of the structure, making it possible to install