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Billboards use witty slogans and eye-catching images to attract the attention of its audience. Our billboards are available in a range of Industry standard sizing options. Our most popular billboard is the 6m x 3m which can be designed and installed in either landscape or portrait mode, they can be easily mounted to a wall face or roof top or can even make up part of your building for a more creative and eye catching effect .You would have seen our larger sizing options installed along motorways, interstate roadways and busy city streets. Billboards are an impressive option to identify your organisation and brand your business on a budget.


An LED panel can also be custom made in various sizing options and can be tailored to suit your advertising requirements. Highly versatile LED signs are perfect for retail centers and sporting facilities who want to reach a larger audience. Your bright and bold LED display will last for years to come and can be easily maintained to constantly support new ways to project instant, ever-changing messages to reach customers effectively each day. Consumers will be drawn to the modern feel and timely excitement of your LED display.


Light-boxes are the most widespread type of outdoor advertising particularly our single-sided simple form. As the name suggests the structure of a light-box is literally a box with a single front panel covered with what we call in the industry a “skin” which is an vinyl advertisement banner. The versatility of this structure also allows the design to support an LED display unit for a more modern and easy to maintain result. Our fabricated Lightboxes transform a standard display billboard into an engaging, multi-dimensional creative structure. Our lightbox is designed for safety and practicality. We ensure access to our boxes are safe by including an access gantry and ladder which not only assists installation but also ongoing maintenance.

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